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First United Presbyterian Church
Wednesday July 1, 2015

A community work day is planned on Saturday, July 11 from 8:30-12 PM at Glenwood Cemetery, junction of Church & S. Cemetery Street, Collinsville (behind Webster School).

Volunteer groups from Madison County Juvenile Diversion, Navigation Church, Gateway Family Church, First United Presbyterian Church, and ABC Supply are among the groups participating.  Members of the community are invited to participate.  Bring yard tools and gloves.

Glenwood Cemetery is the original public cemetery in Collinsville in use since 1822 and known for over a century as the "city cemetery".  It is now owned and operated by First United Presbyterian Church of Collinsville and is still a working cemetery open to all, regardless of religious affiliation.

For more information on the work day or for burials, call First United Presbyterian, 344-1109 or talk to Al Nicol, Property & Grounds & Glenwood Cemetery Chairman.
In memory of Albert Odom:  Larry & Val Close, Deb Nichols, Bernie & Jo Kunz, Rod & Thilerna French.

In honor of Janet & Calvin Butts' 50th anniversary:  Gloria Alldredge, Deb Nichols. 
The Personnel Committee is looking for an attendant to help with the Nursery during the church service and other times as needed.  Applications can be picked up at the church office or in the nursery.  We expect this position to be open at the end of July.
July 9 - Session
July 11 - Glenwood Cemetery Work Day
July 19 - Christian Family Day & Grizzlie Park
August 3-7 - Meals on Wheels week
August 13 - Session
August 16 - Summer Sizzle after Worship
"Adventures in the Holy Lane" was very successful with 17 children participating and lots of wonderful help.  Thank you to everyone who donated items or helped in any way!

A Full Plate 

My plate is full, and I have no idea where to begin to eat.  This is often a problem for pastors at church potlucks: whose food do I try first, because someone is watching and wants to know (for many and varied reasons).  But, this is not about that type of full plate.  My life plate is full.  My work plate is full.  My family plate is full.  My rest plate is full (yeah, right, who are we kidding).  All that being said, this is not a post about time management, or a better way of living life.  No, this is an excerpt from a larger piece I have been working towards finishing for some time.

I often joke about my ADD and OCD.  While I am not professionally diagnosed, I certainly am amateurly diagnosed (as shown by my making up words).  That is to say that as we worked on getting our oldest diagnosed with ADD, we noticed how similar my answers were to questions as his were.  We noticed how much the problems he was/is having were problems that I did/still have.  Even more over, the OCD really showed itself as we finished in seminary (although it was always present, it was just never a big problem) and we prepared to move and move again.  I cannot sleep well at night with checking and rechecking the door locks of the house, and it greatly bothers me if the light switches are not in the proper alignment, even when I am not home.  These two conditions cause a lot of problems.

First, I am currently reading 9 books, and only know where I am at in three of them.  I have a great desire to finish all of them, but often find it difficult to focus on one for a long period of time.  Second, I am working on many ideas for several roles that I fill in our congregation, in the greater church, and in our community.  While most are already in progress, a few need work, and often compete for time to be worked on causing a struggle to focus.  Third, it is often difficult to really rest because I want to do so many different things for leisure, and usually spend more time trying to decide what to do then actually doing it.

That leaves a lot of struggles, and unfinished projects, such as at least 10 blog posts that have been waiting for completion for over a year now.  Daily I struggle to figure out which bite to take first, and when I finally do the question becomes will I finish eating it and only it because of OCD, or will I take random bites because of ADD, or will I just be so overwhelmed that I look at the plate while it fills up faster.

You are probably thinking, “Oh my, what have we gotten ourselves into?”  Well, the real reason for writing this to you is to express that what this leaves me with is a desire for perfection without the ability to be perfect.  It can be very frustrating, especially when I know that I have the skills and abilities to do something very well, but cannot possibly execute what needs to be done. 

This is one of the great challenges of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  We are looking for perfection, but we cannot make it happen.  No matter how hard we try, we are simply incapable of perfection.  This is the problem as we see what we are to become and want it to be what we are right now.  The other problem stems from a false belief that we may already have succeeded in becoming perfection.  But, do not fear, and do not be worried.  Despite a full plate, and what seems insurmountable, we may be assured of our coming perfection in Jesus Christ.  Sometimes, we need to stop and reflect, and see that perfection is not the goal of this life, but is the fulfillment of the Cross.  On this side of the Cross we will never know perfection, but that does not mean God has not already prepared for our perfection.  So let us not grow weary in clearing a full plate.  May we continue to wrestle and struggle through what it means for us to be disciples.  Even when we need to check the locks five times, and set the switches into the right positions.  Even when we get distracted by shiny objects and start something but never fully finish.  Even when we are not sure if the final product will be perfect.      

Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Jeff


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The Faith in Action Auction this year is Friday, July 17 at the Collinsville Gateway Center.  Time is 5:30-10 PM.  Theme is "Back to the 50's" and will feature raffles, a costume contest and a gourmet buffet dinner.  For reservations or information, call Nancy Kaprelian, 799-9085.

Also, Faith in Action needs more volunteer drivers to continue to provide services without charge to our care receivers.  Call Lori Fray to sign up to volunteer, 344-8080.
If you want information printed in the July 2015 Presenter please send your information to the office by Friday, June 26.
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To My Church Family:  I would like to thank our church family for all their concerns, thoughts, & prayers! The cards were so very thoughtful and lovely.  I so appreciated Jeff, Ashley, Braylon & Asher visiting me at home before surgery.  I was very excited to meet and hold Asher.  They have two very beautiful boys!!  Again I thank and love you all for your many thoughts and prayers.  Much love, Jeannie Nicol

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