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First United Presbyterian Church
Friday March 4, 2016


Focusing on the Cross 

As we continue our Lenten journey, heading to Jerusalem with Jesus through the Gospel according to Luke, I again urge you to consider what discipline(s) you may add into your own spiritual disciplines.  In worship we have engaged in the lengthy process of hearing the entire Gospel (with just a few hitches).  Part of this has been to encourage each of us to spend more time reading Scripture in full, and not only taking parts and pieces.  Another portion has been to give each of us the opportunity to see the consistent views of prayer, teachings, and healings in Jesus life and ministry.  This is taking us to the Cross.

On Good Friday we will come as close to the Cross as we dare while Jesus is upon it.  It is daunting to see Christ nailed to wood.  It is imposing to be in the shadow of death.  It is disheartening to see our Messiah brought low.  And yet, without this moment, we do not come to the tomb.  We do not see the Cross left empty.  We do not live in the presence of the promise fulfilled.  By Easter Sunday, we will look away from the Cross to watch new life spring forth.  This is our pleasure to see the risen Christ, to know and trust in life eternal.  No longer does death hold sway, and we are freed to live into Jesus’ callings for all his disciples. 

In this season of Lent we should be focused on the Cross; focusing on its unique moment in history and God’s plan of salvation.  We are called to consider our own mortality, but as it plays against our immortality of life in Jesus Christ.  While at the same time, we reflect on the work that we are sent to engage in as we ourselves take up the Cross.  

Through prayer and study, worship and mission, fellowship and giving, may we all come to focus on the Cross, and in so doing find our calling, our faith, our trust, our salvation. 

Blessings and peace be upon you all as we prepare to see Christ’s entry, Christ’s death, and Christ’s resurrection. 

In all you do may you know the Living Lord, Jesus Christ!

Pastor Jeff




Lenten Journey: Photo-A-Day

As we journey through this season of Lent, some will choose to give up something. Some will go about their lives as if it was ordinary time. Some will choose to be more reflective. Some will take something on. Whatever your practices this season, will you join this photo-a-day challenge and share with our church family and others how you perceive each word of the day? No explanation needed. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Tag us on your Instagram and Facebook photos and add the hashtag #fupclentphoto. 

You don't have to be a great photographer. This project is more about the practice of paying attention and being intentional, than it is using the right filter or getting the perfect shot. If you don't have Instagram or Facebook, we'd still love for you to share your photos. Just e-mail them to the office and we will take it from there.  This is something where everyone can participate.  Young and young-at-heart; By yourself or as a family.

Need a daily reminder? We'll share the word of the day every morning on Facebook and remember to pick up your card with the daily words in the Narthex.

Let’s start this 40-day journey together, sharing glimpses of our lives with one another. Let this be an intentional time, even for a few minutes a day, to pause, remember and reflect.

If you have any questions, please see Ashley Young or Vivian Bader.



In memory of Nancy Harding:  Paul & Mary Lee Muniz, Rod & Thilerna French, Anne & Chuck Tennant.
In memory of Gloria Harner:  Beverly Snedecor.
Thank you so much to those who put on the Winter Fest.  It looked as though all of the participants had a great time.  I know our two great-grands did.  They still talk about the Fall Fest as well.  Thanks again, Rod & Thilerna

Pastor Jeff & Church Family:  I've definitely learned what the term "church family" means.  Since day one of my recent heart episode I've been swamped with cards, calls, letters, visits - have have all been amazing.  Thanks again for all you've done.  Now I'm glad to back at work!!!  Bog

Dear Committee Choirman & Committee members: Thank you for such a nice luncheon.  Not only did you provide a delicious lunch, your thoughtfulness and hospitality went beyond our expectations.  Everyone was so kind and made us feel that we could relax and enjoy our family and memories.  Please know that your loving care was appreciated.  Sincerely, Kevin & LuAnn Harner & Rich & Joyce Harner.  
Notes from February, 2016

The church has changed insurance companies and this will result in being billed quarterly rather than once a year.  We are also changing our phone service to Charter which will result in a savings.

On March 8, we will have our first joint committee meeting.  This was done to include more of our congregation in the decisions that are made for our church. 

Jodee Kleb, Clerk of Session

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Mar 20 - Palm Sunday
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