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First United Presbyterian Church
Friday February 10, 2017


 Great Ends 

Through this year we will be looking at what we are called to be in Christ as the Church.  In the Reformed Tradition we hold that there are specific callings of the Church and churches.  This month we begin with the Great Ends of the Church.  (Unfortunately burnt ends are not included, but they may be at the festal banquet of the Lord)  

The great ends of the Church are:

the proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind;

the shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God;

the maintenance of divine worship;

the preservation of the truth;

the promotion of social righteousness; and

the exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world. 

These six ends give to us a strong guide for our work and life together as a congregation.  It begins with Christ’s commission to the disciples, and to us, to go and baptize the people of all nations and teach them.  While we are not the ones who change hearts, for it is God alone who does, we are responsible for the proclamation and demonstration of the kingdom as those called into the fields.  This is continued with our care for those whom have been engrafted into life the of Christ.  This is not only for those already in the church, but those who are in need of care and compassion that have yet to fully know the Trinity.  It is our joy to gather and worship, keeping a pattern of faithful and sacred time.  In all of these we are called to keep the Truth, the truth of salvation in Jesus Christ as witnessed by the Scriptures and shown in the life and fruit of the Spirit.  The promotion of social righteousness asks that we are mindful that our words and actions are not only about life inside the church, but are a demonstration and example to the world around us.  Our lives lived in service to Christ are our testimony of the Kingdom.  We are to show lives transformed that others may be open to the transformation in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. 

This is a heavy load for us.  However, we are called by Christ to take up his yoke, for it is light and the burden easy.  When we have rested ourselves in the Lord, we find that living into the Great Ends is not a challenge but a natural response to the grace and love of the Almighty.  Let us with joy share in the burden of these ends, and through them be a blessing to the community and the world.  

Pastor Jeff 

There is a basket in the Narthex for S.O.S. donations.  Always needed are:  peanut butter, jelly, granola bars, and fruit cups.  We also need volunteers to help on Tuesday Soup Kitchen nights to serve, clean up and assist various groups.

Collinsville Faith in Action 2017 Dinner Auction planning has begun and they are looking for auction committee volunteers.  The event will be on Friday, Judy 21, at the Gateway Center.  If you would be interested in serving on this committee, the next scheduled meeting is Thursday, February 23, at 9 AM at the CFIA office at 233 N. Seminary in Collinsville.  Call Nancy Kaprelian at 799-9085, or email her at

The LaFrank Monument Company very generously donated time and labor recently to repair and restore vandalized tombstones in Glenwood Cemetery.  Without companies like LaFrank, it would be very difficult to keep up the grounds in our cemetery which has been in existence since 1822.  We sincerely appreciate the LaFrank Monument Company's work and urge church members to take a drive through the cemetery and enjoy the interesting and unusual monuments.

Deb Nichols in memory of Virginia Odom, Mary Childress, Barry Mills, Charles Johnson.

Dan & Connie Murphy in memory of her mother, Virginia Odom 
Collinsville Faith in Action would like to thank you for your recent donation.,  We sincerely appreciate the show of confidence and support for this ministry.  We are very blessed to be able to provide services in the community at no charge.  Thank you for helping us to do this!  Sincerely, Kristi Hofferby

The Childress family would like to say Thank You for the very large, full and lovely plant at our mother's funeral.  This was really nice of you.  Currently, I have the plant at home and it seems to be doing alright.  Sincerely, Gary

The Thrift Shop received permission to paint their rooms and shelving.

The Evangelism Committee is working toward a series of “Breakfast with the Collinsville Police” for Webster School

S.O.S. has begun on Tuesday evenings.

It was approved to purchase the necessary equipment to run cabling to the Sanctuary and Christian Education Wing for two new wireless routers.

Approval was given for the purchase of an ice machine and a hot/cold water dispenser for Westminster Hall.

Stated Session meetings will be held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Weekly Worship Opportunities
Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Service:
Coffee 7:45 - 8:45
Sunday School 9:00
Worship Service & Children's Church 10:00
Please email Birthday Updates to: or call 344-1109

3 - Matt Bader
6 - Jack Mueller
11 - Larry Close
12 - Janet Butts
13 - Abby Brown
22 - Judy Tillman
25 - Bernie Kunz 

Please email Anniversary Updates to: or call 344-1109

24 - Bruce & Dottie Rudis

If you have not sent in your pledge card for 2017, please do so as soon as possible.  The individual per capita amount for 2017 is $30.51.  


We Lift Up in Prayer to God the following: Kirsten Kingsbury Smith, Brenden Bowen, Jesse Pegues, Bill Buchanan Lisa Linders.
Please email your prayer concerns and updates to: or call 344-1109

Feb 4 - Officers Training Meeting
Feb 5 - Souper Bowl soup lunch
Feb 9 - Session - Elders & Deacons
Feb 11 - Presbytery Meeting
Feb 15 - 3rd Wednesday Dinner
Feb 20 - Office Closed for Presidents' Day
Mar 1 - Empty Bowl Lunch
          Ash Wednesday Service
Mar 9 - Session
If you want information placed in the March 2017 Presenter please send your information to the office by Friday, February 24.
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