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First United Presbyterian Church
Tuesday March 7, 2017


Lent and Discipline 

During Ash Wednesday service I talked about a tradition of giving something up during Lent.  I joked that it is often a time when we finally do our New Year’s resolution.  I also spoke to the things that many traditionally give up such as chocolate or soda.  The problem tends to be our attitude towards this process.  We find something that we think might be a bit of a “sacrifice”, but we are already looking at the countdown until we can do it again.  I do not believe that is the point of a Lenten Discipline of fasting.  The idea of fasting is to go without something along with an increase in dedication to God.  Lent is not about giving something up for a brief time; it is about making substantial changes in our lives that bring us closer to the Triune God. 

Sunday evening with the youth (we had 11 kids) I talked about taking time to pray, to read scripture, and in general spend more time with Jesus.  This can start with just 5 minutes per day of not being on Social Media and instead do the above; or maybe one less cat video.  The change does not have to be extravagant, but it does need to be meaningful, and generate an actual change that will last well beyond Lent.  In other words, a Lenten Discipline is the starting point of a Life Discipline. 

The youth and I also talked about taking risks to follow Jesus.  Reading Luke 5:1-11 we saw the risks that the first Disciples took when they responded to Jesus’ call.  Simon Peter, James, and John gave up their entire livelihood, leaving behind a good business and family.  The question is what are you willing to give up to follow Jesus more faithfully?  (Parents, most of the kids said they would give up their smartphones.)  This is the season to self-reflect on what has kept us from a more faithful discipleship, and to begin making changes that draw us closer to the reality of life in Christ. 

Blessings to you brothers and sisters, 

Pastor Jeff 

There is a basket in the Narthex for S.O.S. donations.  Always needed are:  peanut butter, jelly, granola bars, and fruit cups, also fresh fruit.  We also need volunteers to help on Tuesday Soup Kitchen nights to serve, clean up and assist various groups.

We will be hosting the S.O.S. dinner on April 11.  Sherri Finke is the volunteer leader for this night and we will be asking for donations and volunteers soon.  

The Flower calendar for Chancel Flowers is on the office bulletin board or you may call the office if you wish to order flowers in honor or memory of someone.

We will soon be taking orders for Easter lilies.  More information to come.

Join us with your family and friends for a joyful Easter Celebration on April 16!  A joint children and adult cantata will be presented,  Starting at 8:45 we will have breakfast and an egg hunt for the children with worship at 10 AM.
Gloria Alldredge in memory of Virginia Odom, Mary Childress, Barry Mills.

In memory of Joseph Muniz, Rod & Thilerna French, Cindy Jones, Tiddles Hedrick, Gloria Alldredge, Dot & Clancy Mills, Bernie & Jo Kunz, & Chuck & Anne Tennant for the Building Fund.

In memory of Bill Buchanan, Dot & Clancy Mills.

In memory of John Wurtsbaugh, Dot & Clancy Mills, Tiddles Hedrick, Cindy Jones, Rod & Thilerna French.
Thank you for the Valentines Day package I received.  It is always a great feeling knowing that my church family is always thinking and praying for me when I am away at college.  As a broke college student, snacks are always the best thing to get in the mail and I can not express how much it means to me!  Thank you, Kendallyn Kneedler

Thanks to my church family for the shoebox full of snacks I received in the mail.  It's my last one, since I'm graduating in May, and I always appreciate them!  Thanks, Miranda Cleland

I got the package of snacks you sent me.  Thank you very much, it was very thoughtful of you to send it.  Avery Cleland

The incoming Elder and Deacons met with Pastor Jeff on February 4th for an overview of their duties of the office that they were taking on.  On Sunday, the 5th of February, Judy Tillman, Elder, and Lori Strong and Kim Zellers, Deacons were ordained.  Following their ordination, they were installed.   They will start their duties at the February 9th meeting. 

Our church is hosting the SOS Soup Kitchen on Tuesdays.  Other churches will provide the meal and help with serving and clean up but our church will be responsible for the food and dessert at the April 11th dinner.  

During Lent, money for the Food Pantry will be collected in the Narthex. 

We are continuing to put together plans for hosting “Breakfast with the Police”.   We will ask the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades to come for breakfast and the Collinsville Police Department will have officers there to greet the children.  We are working on dates, but it will be four Saturdays from 8:30AM–10:30AM.  This will hopefully give the youngsters a chance to see our police in a different light and promote better relations.

Jodee Kleb, Clerk of Session

Weekly Worship Opportunities
Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Service:
Coffee 7:45 - 8:45
Sunday School 9:00
Worship Service & Children's Church 10:00
Please email Birthday Updates to: or call 344-1109

1 - Armand Kleb
5 - Rod French, Jerilyn Howard, Joe Muniz
8 - Ashley Young
9 - Mia Muniz
12 - Bob Field, Kelly Cummins-Brown
18 - Mary Lee Muniz, Joe Smith
20 - Lloyd Shaw
22 - Matt Cleland
23 - Jeff Young
24 - Thilerna French
29 - Mary Beth Dellamano 

Please email Anniversary Updates to: or call 344-1109

10 - Rod & Thilerna French
24 - Jason & Lyndsay Cardinal

We Lift Up in Prayer to God the following: Lisa Linders. Jesse Pegues, Ethan Gafford, Richard Cole, Sandy Pearson.
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           Brunch & Egg Hunt

If you want information placed in the April 2017 Presenter please send your information to the office by Friday, March 24th.
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