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First United Presbyterian Church
Friday June 9, 2017


I had something in mind earlier today that I wanted to write.  It was a good idea, not great, not the best, but good.  It was plain and simple, and addressed our current situation.  It was not really silly, and it had a good point to make; but, I forgot it by the time I sat down to write.  I was focused on a couple of other things that needed to get done; and then, it was gone.  Perhaps it will come to me by the end of this piece; or maybe it won’t.  I should probably take a pause and think on it; yet, this still needs to get done.

I think I figured it out.  It was all about Paul and his long sentences; well, long sentences as we translate them.  Yeah, that must be it; I mean, what else could I have been thinking about on a Friday morning.  It’s not like Fridays are busy around here; plus, it is my second day in the office after vacation.  Oh wait, it wasn’t Paul and his sentences; rather, it was something about vacations and being somewhere else.  No, that’s not it; it’s my mind that is somewhere else, probably still on vacation.  I guess some more writing will have to do the trick; seriously though, what was it?

Okay, just one more try; for practical purposes.  I bet it was about the latest, greatest trend in churches; since, you know, I’m all about the latest, greatest, flashiest new trends.  That is silly; who would want to read what I have to say about that?  Oh, I just watched part of Forrest Gump; it must be something from that movie.  Maybe I was thinking of becoming a park bench philosopher; but, I don’t have a bus to catch.  Where, oh where, has my little thought gone; oh, where, oh where could it be?  Was it a song; or more likely a nursery rhyme?  I just can’t wrap my mind around it; and with all this thinking, I’m starting to smell bacon. 

Well, I give up.  It just isn’t coming to me.  I thought I had a good.  I thought I could just write it out.  I thought. I thought. I thought.  I would have liked to write something meaningful. You can’t always get what you want.  I don’t know where to go from here with this piece.  It seems to have slipped away from me.  That’s why I call it Wandering Mind.  It makes sense now.  But, if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.  Maybe I will try; to take a pause and look back; and then continue on. 

Blessings on our journey, 

Pastor Jeff

High School Graduate - Hayden Day, Granite City High School

Joe Muniz was recently honored as an Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Coach of the Year for 2016-17.
There is a basket in the Narthex for S.O.S. donations.  There is a continual need for peanut butter, jelly, and especially granola bars, and fruit cups, also fresh fruit.  We also need volunteers to help on Tuesday Soup Kitchen nights to serve, clean up and assist various groups.

The Food Pantry is in continual need of personal items and paper goods.  Also, they can use egg cartons.  You may bring items to the office.  

Tickets are available for the Faith in Acttion Auction on Friday, July 21 at the Gateway Center.  Call Nancy at 799-9085 for tickets and further information.
Beginning in May, we have had a Chapel service on Third Wednesday evenings following the dinner.  This service will be a time of learning, prayer and contemplation, as we grow into the Chapel space.  June's dinner and service is Wednesday, June 21st at 6 PM.  Lyle Hill and the Personnel Committee are in charge.  Sign up in the Narthex or contact the office. 

Thanks to the Church family for sending birthday cards, get well cards, making visits, and keeping Mom in your thoughts and prayers since breaking her hip on April 24.  Her recovery has been difficult but seeing the expressions of care and love from her Church family has been very uplifting for her.   Elaine Schlau, Warren Carter and helen Carter-Nance family

Thanks to Kristine Cleland, Sherri Finke, Jodee Kleb and Mary Lee Muniz for donating at the Church's American Red Cross blood drive on May 24.  Although we had fewer donors than for past drives, we had good support from our Church members.  Thanks again.  Warren Carter

Dear Church Family,  Thank you so much for those of you who came by my party to help me celebrate my graduation from high school.  You all made that day extra special for me.  My church family will always have a special place in my heart as you all have been there to support me in all that I do, including all my fundraising I had to do for school and Girl Scouts.  Sincerely, Lauren Carter

Thank you to everyone who made donations and/or helped make the funeral lunch for Mildred Kuykendall's family such a success:  Sarah Ross, Mary Lee Muniz, Kristine Cleland, Karen Kneedler, Sherri Finke, Sarah Evers, Jo Kunz, Deb Nichols, Melanie Moritz, Val Close, Gloria Alldredge, Dot Mills, Jan Trosper, Thilerna French, Anne Tennant, Bonnie Krupp.  An especial thanks to Anne Tennant for the lovely flowers.  Your volunteering is a mission of joy and love.  Alice Bilderback

Just in case you are wondering, there was a point to the first piece.  Maybe it slipped by; but the clue was in the ending.  And, I just threw one in the last sentence.  The piece was about the semi-colon.  In recent years it has become a powerful symbol in suicide prevention, and mental health awareness.  In grammar the semi-colon is used when a sentence could end, but the writer continues a thought.  The point is, that when we come to what feels to be end, there is still more to be written; it does not have to end at that point, because it could end much later on, like here.  It is also a pause point, a reflection point, a breathing point, even a visual cue.  It can be easy to miss in the middle of daily life; even in reading a strange article by the pastor.  Let us each take a pause, reflect, and breathe; and then continue on into a future entrusted to the Triune God. 

Pastor Jeff  

Weekly Worship Opportunities
Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Service:
Coffee 7:45 - 8:45

Worship Service & Children's Church 10:00
Please email Birthday Updates to: or call 344-1109

8 - Lynda Evers
10 - Mary Lee Baumgartner
19 - Jim Clement (83 this year)
22 - Jeagan Kunz
23 - Mike Nichols; Carol Allender
25 - Melanie Moritz
29 - Sherri Finke

Please email Anniversary Updates to: or call 344-1109

3 - Kevin & Susanna Benson
6 - Clancy & Dot Mills
9 - Paul & Mary Lee Muniz
15 - Warren & Laurie Carter
16 - Steve & Barbara Esker
20 - Calvin & Janet Butts
24 - Larry & Bonnie Krupp
30 - Jeff & Ashley Young

For Lois Weems:  Diana Hedrick

For Mildred Kuykendall:  Diana Hedrick, Cindy Jones, Rod & Thilerna French, Lyle Hill, Vi Hightower


We Lift Up in Prayer to God the following: Helen Carter-Nance, Dale Bohn.
Please email your prayer concerns and updates to: or call 344-1109


Communion was given on May 7th with 69 members and guests receiving Communion.  We also gave Communion to the “Furthest Pews” with Jim Clement, Evelyn Breeze and Houston Powell.  We stopped at Anderson Hospital and prayed with Mildred Kuykendall. 

Many summer and fall activities are planned for the youth and our church members. 

Jodee Kleb, Clerk of Session

If you want information placed in the July 2017 Presenter please send your information to the office by Wednesday, June 28.
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