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First United Presbyterian Church
Thursday May 27, 2021


Recently, I told a colleague of mine about how busy church has been over the last few months. “There is so much going on it’s hard to stay on top of it all. I’m not sure I’m getting all the right things done...” She said, in order to help her focus she writes GDS at the top of her daily calendar. I’d never heard of GSD so I asked her what it stood for. She said, “Get Stuff Done.” 

Get. Stuff. Done. Three simple words which help her to stay focused and accomplish everything she needs to complete. Three simple words which motivate her and inspire her to finish the tasks at hand. Three simple words which remind her she has obligations to fulfill. I commend her for her mentality and ability to get so much work done in a single day. 

Many of us live this way. We work to get as much done as possible with the time we have. Getting things done has merit. Christmas Even once said “It’s better to burn out than rust out.” I’m sure my colleague would agree with Christmas. I do wonder, however, if trying to get every task done every time something pops up will lead us to burn out in a flash. The truth is we are finite beings. We only have so much time, so much talent, so much treasure. We have only so much, yet the world demands it all and will take it all from us and leave us in ashes. 

Getting stuff done is important, necessary for living, but maybe if we put a few other letters on the top of our daily calendar we won’t burn out or rust out. Perhaps if we put, ALQ (...aspire to live quietly… 1 Thessalonians 4:11) first we won't get to the place where we feel scorched or crispy. Perhaps if we prioritize ALQ we won’t feel like we’ve been oxidizing in place like an old fence post. AQL implores us to live as God intends for us to live. We are to live quiet lives of contentment. Work when the work needs to be done. Rest when rest needs to be had. Above all, aspire to live quiet lives. AQL   

I pray you will be able to aspire to live quiet lives even though the world demands to have all your time, talents, and treasures. 


Working on behalf of the Church
If you have a question or comment relating to any FUPC ministry or program please contact an elder listed below:


Building & Grounds—Brad Kunz

Christian Education—Susie Benson

Evangelism—Mary Lee Muniz

Fellowship—Matt Bader

Finance—Bonnie Krupp

New Members/Visitors—Lyle Hill

Outreach—Sherri Finke

Personnel—Jodee Kleb

Worship—Clark Evers

We keep Jeri Howard-Calvin in our prayers as she and her family mourn the passing of her sister.
We lift up to you in prayer the family of Charles "Chuck" Tennant who passed away, and as we all  remember him and his well lived life.
We pray for Janet Butts & family as they mourn the loss of Janet's mother.

Do you have a prayer concerns that you would like listed in the Presenter? If you have persmission from that person to be added and published, please email the office at
If you have something you would like to share in the presenter for next month, please email it to the church office email address before Monday, June 28.
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Come join us after the worship service on Sunday, June 6 for a BBQ hosted by the Fellowship committee.  There will be burgers, hotdogs, chips and drinks.  You will be able to eat inside at Westminster Hall or you can eat outside in the garden area.  Please bring lawn chairs if you wish to sit outside. Hope to see everyone there.
-The fellowship committee

Our next drive is scheduled for Monday, June 25 12-5PM in Westminster Hall.
Appointments can be made at

The finance committee approved the financial statements for April. It was approved to add money to the flower fund. After reviewing pastor salaries sent from the Presbytery and discussing the church finances, we were able to set a salary range for a new pastor to be included in the paperwork of the PNC.
Several church in the area have experienced an email scam. FUPC has too. All official church emails will come from our domain. That is to say, church emails will end with If you get an email that looks fishy and does not end with that address please delete it right way.

It was a joy to see so many in church the Sunday we celebrated our Youth and Mothers.   We handed out 26 "A Blessing for Mothers" bookmarks to all the women of the church, and we mailed bookmarks to 40 women who weren't in attendance that Sunday.  It is evident from our Youth that all women of the church have in some way served as spiritual mothers to them.   We wish God's Blessings on all our women.



We want to give a shout out to the youth of our church for leading us in such a meaningful worship service on May 9th.  It was so heart-warming to see all of you and hear your prayers, readings, and sermons.  Congratulations to all the graduates.  The FUPC Youth continue to impress us with all their talents and academic abilities.  We wish God's blessings on them as they go forward.     
Paul and Mary Lee Muniz

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Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  2 Corinthians 9:7

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