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First United Presbyterian Church
Wednesday June 30, 2021



Took a vacation recently. Spent a lot of time wandering. Wandered around the neighborhood. Wandered around an abandoned golf course. Wandered around a park. Wandered around the house. No particular place to be. No designated time to be there. Just lots of space and time to move about. I found all the walking very refreshing because I knew it was temporary. It wouldn’t last more than a week.   

We (and the world) organize our life in such a way that almost everything ends in a destination. For some it might be a high school education or maybe a college degree. For many it’s a good job, a house, and a spouse. Then, maybe, children and eventually grandchildren. Finally it’s retirement. We all have an X on the map of life.   

There is a place we are all trying to get to, but it isn’t always easy. Truth be told it’s usually hard to get there. We get frustrated because the way isn’t straight forward. There are lots of side steps, detours, and reroutes. We grow tired of all the seeming aimlessness. We just want to get there. In the famous words of almost every child, “Are we there yet?”

The Isrealites were wanderers too. They wandered for a long time - decades. All the while they complained. They wanted to know where they were going. Why were they out there in the first place? Mostly, they wanted to reach the destination. The one God promised them. But it wasn’t time yet. According to God’s plan they still needed to wander. So they kept going. One step, one day at a time. 

Maybe that’s the takeaway from the Isrealites. God does have a very specific destination in mind for us, but in order to get there we have to spend time wandering. Not because God wants us to live aimless lives, but because a time of preparation is needed before we get there. A time when we deliberately walk in the presence of God without trying to get somewhere. A time when we rely on God to guide us, even though we don’t know where we are going. A time when we trust God to bring us to the destination, the divine X on the map.    

As we wander during this pandemic, unsure when it will end or where we will be on the other side of it, let’s take it one step at a time, one day at a time. Let’s trust God. God has a specific destination in mind for us. One which the Bible says is flowing with milk and honey (a biblical way to describe the goodness and sweetness of God.) When we are out there somewhere perhaps we should think of it this way, we are wandering into the goodness and sweetness of God one step at a time, one day at a time.


Working on behalf of the Church
If you have a question or comment relating to any FUPC ministry or program please contact an elder listed below:


Building & Grounds—Brad Kunz

Christian Education—Susie Benson

Evangelism—Mary Lee Muniz

Fellowship—Matt Bader

Finance—Bonnie Krupp

New Members/Visitors—Lyle Hill

Outreach—Sherri Finke

Personnel—Jodee Kleb

Worship—Clark Evers

We lift up to you in prayer Gloria Alldredge. 

Do you have a prayer concerns that you would like listed in the Presenter? If you have persmission from that person to be added and published, please email the office at
Per Capita is $32 per member.  Thank you to those who have already paid.
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You are welcome to mail in your checks to the church as well.  Please address them to the church administrator's home address:  

First United Presbyterian Church
c/o Sarah Evers
110 Greer Ct.
Collinsville, IL 62234

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  2 Corinthians 9:7

If you have something you would like to share in the presenter for next month, please email it to the church office email address before Thursday, August 27th.
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The Thursday Night Small Group Bible Study will resume meeting regularly in September.  We meet the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Using the Serendipity Bible which is geared for small group study, we have covered all but 5 books of the New Testament, and we have covered 3 books of the Old Testament during our over 15 years of meeting.  We are having a kick-off dinner on Thursday, Aug. 19th.  Our first meeting will be Sept. 2nd.  If you are interested in being a part of this Bible Study and would also like to join us for dinner on Aug. 19th, please let Mary Lee Muniz know ( or 618-593-6838).  We will let you know locations for our dinner and first meeting in the coming weeks.   
The Outreach Committee packed lunches last Sunday with a great deal of help which was very welcome.  Our lunch had chicken or tuna salad and crackers, chili/ravioli, snack bars, pringles, drink.  These are very appreciated by our patrons for the food pantry.  The SOS kitchen is planning on reopening in September and we will be hosting in October.  More to come on that event.  Personally, I am already thinking about shoeboxes and will place an order for them to get started in September. 
-Sherri Finke
While Pastor Zach was taking continuing education and some much needed time off, Rev. Kathleen Henrion was gracious enough to lead us in worship for two weeks in July.  Our thanks go out to Rev. Henrion, and we are glad that Pastor Zach has returned well rested, and ready to continue to lead us in our Sunday morning praises.  
Please join with us for communion on the first Sunday of each month, we will be serving in person, providing to go elements, and guiding virtual communion for those worshiping elsewhere.  We can gather and give praises to God in a variety of ways, and in many different places!
And as always, a special thank you to everyone who helps lead our church worship services. We would not be able to continue without the many volunteers that offer a multitude of talents every Sunday morning.
The Evangelism Committee will be meeting soon to brainstorm ideas for getting our members more involved in church services and activities and also for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community.  We want to create a welcoming place of worship for all visitors, encouraging members to invite others to our services.
In July the youth group had two fun outings! We went to St. Clair Bowl and enjoyed several games of bowling and pizza. The fellowship and fun continued a week later at our swim party! The kid’s enjoyed being with each other and our youth leaders! We are looking forward to “Three Days of Fun”  next week with the younger children of our church family! 
-Susie Benson

This was a month that Session did not meet but it seemed to be full of work for me.  I worked on the Session Minutes for both 2020 and 2021 thus far.  It will be reviewed on August 4th in Granite City.

The Manual of Operations will be updated to the best of our ability and we look forward to finishing all the unfinished/updated areas that are necessary.

Several job descriptions have been updated and I am hoping to have some guidelines for the Elders that chair our various committees. 
Jodee Kleb, Clerk of Session

Update on the floor in Westminster hall. The old tile has been removed and installation of the new will begin on July 26   Session decided it was a good time to re-key the entranceway doors. The reason was that some of the keys have been lost and would like to know who has keys in there possession   If you would like to request a set  contact the church office.  Thanks B&G

2 Gary Childress

7 Larry Krupp

13 Parker Nichols

14 Avery Cleland

14 Lesley Drenkhahn

15 Lilian Grover

20 Brad Kneedler

24 Regina Cundall

26 Tony Moritz

29 Brian Muniz

29 Mason Muniz

30 Brad Kunz

30 Jeannie Nicol

31 Bryce Dellamano

8 Brian and Kelly Brown

16 Brian and Julie Muniz

17 Zachary & Alexandra Lysdahl

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